Bilingualism: A call center’s way to cultural competence

Cultural competence is a trait that multinational companies must possess in order to serve their diverse clients well and promote harmony within the workplace. In a bilingual call center, this is all the more important because of how it’s workforce is mostly made up of people from different races and cultures. But how do contact centers achieve this? The answer can be through bilingualism. Read more

5 Mistakes to avoid when implementing a call center incentive program

Reward systems can lead to improved agent performance when implemented systematically. If you want to boost your call center agents’ productivity, your company’s incentive program must be effective in motivating them to exceed expectations. You must also carefully establish the guidelines to follow in implementing the program. Otherwise, you will just be wasting resources by giving rewards that no longer influence the service level of your call center. Read more

How to improve your call center agents’ problem solving skills

Call center agents’ responsibilities are aimed at solving customer problems, especially those handling customer support. You can train your agents to solve commonly recurring problems to make sure that they’re ready to handle any type of customer issue, but once they start receiving live calls on their own, you can only do so much in ensuring that they give accurate solutions to every problem being raised to them. Read more