4 Leadership qualities you need for long-distance management

As a business manager, much of the fate of your enterprise rests on your abilities to lead your team. Outstanding leadership qualities are what sets managers apart from ordinary employees, as they have a big responsibility to handle. Without a solid management approach, the entire organization may fall apart. One of the areas that require strong leadership skills is business process outsourcing (BPO). Your decision to outsource your customer service to another company would include a long-distance arrangement, which is entirely different from the traditional office setup. It entails limited communication, time differences, and maybe even cultural gaps, and managers need to tackle these hurdles as efficiently as possible. To help you maximize your outsourcing opportunities, here are the four leadership qualities you need to make this management setup work.


1.     Honesty and openness


Your ethical values as a manager are a reflection of the entire organization’s principles. No business partnership would work without both parties being completely honest with each other. Creating an atmosphere of openness would encourage your colleagues to communicate more with you. This will gradually foster great relationships and lasting friendships among company members.


2.     Commitment and focus


Business process outsourcing is not a problem-free endeavor. Like other business-related projects, it comes with plenty of challenges. If you are not fully committed to making every aspect of the partnership work toward the success of both organizations, it would be even harder to overcome these hurdles. Focusing on addressing the issues that may arise will allow you to plan ahead and strategize.


3.     Ability to delegate tasks


One of the most important leadership qualities you must develop is the ability to delegate tasks. This is all the more necessary when you enter an outsourcing partnership, as that would entail additional responsibilities. As a good manager, you must acknowledge that you cannot do everything at once. You should know how to maximize the capacity of your team members and of your partner company in order to execute your daily tasks in an organized manner.


4.     Clear and concise communication


In an outsourcing setup, distance and time differences are to be expected. This makes constant communication mandatory. Every transaction between you and your partner company must be clear and straightforward to avoid confusion.


Managing an outsourcing company over long distances is indeed challenging. With the right leadership qualities, however, you can turn your offshoring endeavors into something ultimately profitable for your business and all your employees.



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