4 Simple questions that assess call center agents’ performance

As a business manager looking to outsource your services to an ideal offshoring partner, you must be looking for a company that can improve your services. Making this leap forward is not easy, and finding the right organization to handle your work processes can be intellectually taxing. The fact that there are a myriad of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies out there also makes the choice even more difficult.

To get an accurate and realistic picture of how a call center’s performance fares, it’s of course important to look at the company’s overall performance metrics. However, evaluating the work quality of employees can give you more insights than you might think. This will help you gauge the company’s operational capabilities as well as the areas where they can improve upon.

When choosing the right outsourcing partner, remember to ask team leaders these four simple questions to understand how skilled their company’s agents are.


1.     Are your agents prepared?


For contact center agents, being well-prepared every day is the key for top performance. It’s not that easy to achieve, however, as preparation in the customer service industry requires physical well-being and affective stability. Physically unfit employees and those who are unable to manage their emotions well are vulnerable to problems that may arise during work. Aside from this, agent preparation involves a wide knowledge of products, services, and troubleshooting. Asking your potential outsourcing partner about how well-prepared their agents are would give you a clue about whether they’re equipped to handle your services or you should consider your other prospects.


2.     How long do you put callers on hold?


In the field of customer service, nobody likes to be put on hold. The duration before agents can pick up calls can be a major deciding factor for businesses looking to outsource to a BPO company. A call center with more employees may reduce the number of calls on hold, although it’s not always a clear indication of how quickly it can attend to customers. Before making a decision, you may ask for exact statistics detailing the average length of time before agents can attend to customer calls.


3.     Are your agents trained to drive customer satisfaction?


Enhancing the customer experience is not as simple as it may seem. It requires a combination of proper training and the right attitude to be able to please customers and deliver to them the best service. Finding a company that prizes customer satisfaction above all else would be ideal for your business, so as to avoid complaints and negative publicity.


4.     How proficient are your agents in the language we require?


Lastly, language proficiency is of utmost importance. It’s among the clearest indicators of a company’s capability to cater to a particular demographic. Especially for those looking for bilingual call centers, finding a company with agents fluent in a particular language is top priority.


Choosing where to outsource can be stressful for business managers, and doing so would require thorough evaluation. The four questions listed above would help you assess employees’ performance and aid you in making the ultimate decision.



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