4 Tips for building customer loyalty among Italians

The Italian market is composed of some of the most active consumers in the world. With their high purchasing power, Italians are known to be keen brand followers. Therefore, every business that aims to capture this sector must place special importance on building lasting relationships among the Italians.

Doing business, or having business-related transactions, among Italians requires you to learn their culture and practices. This is one of the many ways to make your Italian customers feel special.

Outsourcing to a bilingual call center will help you enhance the customer experience and satisfaction of the Italian market. However, you also have to make sure that they are familiar with the following cultural nuances that would help you capture Italian-speaking customers.


1.     Italians prefer flexible schedules.


While punctuality may be among the first rules of global business etiquette, Italians would appreciate it if you can keep their schedules as flexible as possible. When it comes to being late, don’t take it as a sign of disrespect. Italians like to select their own pace in doing almost anything.

As a general rule, plans and other arrangements must incorporate some flexibility. If there’s a strict deadline, make sure to make it crystal clear to your Italian customers to avoid future misunderstandings.


2.     Stick to your commitments.

female-call-center-agent-with-laptop-writing-on-notepad planner

Italian consumers have high standards when it comes to the brands they follow. Thus, to build customer loyalty, you must be able to deliver on your commitments. Try not to overwhelm your Italian customers with too many promises if you’re not entirely confident that you can fulfill them. Otherwise, they might lose trust and interest in your brand.


3.     Address Italian customers using appropriate titles.


Bilingual call center agents must be extra careful when talking to Italian consumers. Formality is highly valued by this group. This includes addressing them with formal titles, especially during the first time you meet them.

In addition, handshakes are preferable to peck on the cheeks when it comes to business settings. The idea is to keep your interactions professional but still engaging.


4.     Have a bilingual team.


Italians are very particular when it comes to their language. They highly value the language they speak, which means that they deeply appreciate those who exert an extra effort to learn it. In conversing with your Italian customers, having a bilingual call center team by your side will help you promote understanding and eliminate all barriers between you and your target market. This not only allows you to enhance the customer experience, but it also enables you to connect with 64 million Italian speakers around the world.


To build customer loyalty among Italians, businesses must have a good understanding of its people’s culture and practices. Having a bilingual customer service team, who are familiar with these nuances, will be a great advantage.



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