4 Tough questions to ask your prospective bilingual call center

Finding the right bilingual call center to handle your customer service is a big responsibility. It’s more than just selecting an organization who has the necessary resources and capabilities. Beyond this, you have to choose a provider you can fully trust, someone who will strive to deliver the best results at all times.

Thus, it’s important to have your prospective outsourcing provider go through a stringent screening procedure. This would give you the opportunity to truly get to know their leaders at a personal level, letting you assess their managerial abilities.

During this phase, you must be prepared to throw some challenging questions at them. How contact center managers would respond to these questions is a strong indicator of their capacity to perform well under pressure. Also, do pay attention to their answers so that you can make the best outsourcing decision for your firm.

Here are four tough questions you may ask your prospective customer support provider.


1.     How fast can you embrace new technologies?

businessman holding out globe business tech laptop smartphone tablet

We all know that technology rapidly and continuously changes the way brands deliver their services. In response to the spread of Internet-enabled mobile devices, companies are now embracing a multichannel presence. It’s a highly complex process that involves not just acquiring new tech tools, but also hiring the right agents and devising new customer care strategies.

Given the highly complex landscape of customer service, you should make it a point to choose a tech-savvy and highly flexible outsourcing company. If your provider is having a hard time learning and deploying new tech-driven processes, then they might not be able to meet your customers’ expectations.


2.     What’s the biggest gap in your services?

businessman standing by cliff ledge gap looking over

In business, the companies that make it to the top are those who always try to go beyond their limits. That’s why you should team up with a contact center who knows their weaknesses, rather than with a vendor who thinks they’re faultless.

Upon asking this question, make sure to pin down even the smallest details. This would let you create strategies to make up for the possible lapses that may derail you from optimizing your customer support.


3.     When was the last time a client left you?

businessman heading out the door

This is probably the worst nightmare of every bilingual call center manager. Of course, nobody wants their clients walking out the door, but it can happen even to the best outsourcing companies.

When discussing this matter, ask your prospective provider about why the client left, how it could’ve been avoided, and what lessons they learned from the negative experience. This would tell you whether an organization can self-evaluate and avoid repeating past mistakes.


4.     Are you doing anything to keep your agents happy?

business people holding up smileys to their face

Only happy employees can make your customers happy. That’s why for every contact center, employee engagement matters more than anything else. Therefore, make sure to pick a customer service provider that values its employees and promotes a fun work environment. Encouraging independence, creativity, and friendship in the workplace strongly motivates employees to deliver their best performance.



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