5 Call center software solutions that affect workforce efficiency

In order to keep up with the demands of modern customers, call centers needs to stay updated with the latest customer service trends and innovations. Being an excellent contact center isn’t just about gathering the best people; you also have to possess the best resources.

Your call center’s resources, including both hardware and software technologies, can directly affect your service level. Integrating software solutions that promise to improve productivity is the only way to go. Here are some call center software features that can help your workforce become better in delivering customer service:


1.     Interactive voice response (IVR)


Setting up an IVR system guarantees that every call that reaches your hotline gets directed to the right department that can best handle the caller’s specific concern. This lets your workforce have better first contact resolutions rates, making each call efficient so agents will be able to accommodate more customers.


2.     Automatic caller identification

To help build rapport with customers and gain their trust, call center agents must personalize every conversation they share with them. One effective way of ensuring this is through the use of a call identification software. When a call comes in, this application will display an overview of the caller’s personal information and contact details. This knowledge can help agents make the conversation custom-fit to the customer’s background. They can now address the customers by their names and refer to other user profile details when needed.


3.     Customer relationship management (CRM)


Allowing agents to access information regarding the previous interactions between the customer and the contact center can make them more prepared for the call. Reports of the client’s transaction history and call logs must be included in your CRM. This can also help future attending representatives modify their approach based on tips left agents who previously interacted with a specific customer especially for pending concerns.


4.     Call monitoring

Team manager need to know their agents’ strengths and weaknesses. Real-time monitoring lets you have a first-hand observation of your agents’ call handling skills. It also lets you provide quick assistance to representatives who may be struggling in the middle of a call. Adding a recording feature can also help you come up with a comprehensive evaluation of the agents’ skills that you can use to formulate suggestions or coaching pointers.


5.     Real-time KPI reporting


Agents become motivated to do better when they’re aware of their standing. Knowing how well they’re doing encourages agents to either maintain their quality of work or improve their performance. A real-time monitoring or reporting tool that shows the key performance indicators (KPI) or call center metrics lets both agents and managers to make necessary reinforcements in order to hit the goals.


Exceptional customer service delivery can only be guaranteed by call center agents if they have the right tools for the job. Using the modern call center software solutions above can help your contact center exceed customer expectations and boost the overall productivity of your workforce.



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