5 Factors to consider when measuring employee engagement

Do you want to increase your bilingual agents’ productivity while enhancing your services and the customer experience? Directing your focus to employee engagement is the solution.

Surprisingly, however, a recent poll revealed that 23% of call centers don’t measure their agents’ engagement at all. Even though the rest said that they do talk to employees about how they feel about their job, the percentage of those who don’t is still shocking given the big advantages of conducting an employee engagement survey.

How agents feel about their work environment, colleagues, and the job itself directly affect their performance. In all kinds of outsourcing firms, including bilingual call centers, happy employees are more likely to go out of their way to help customers. Dissatisfied employees, meanwhile, tend to leave their jobs, which can cause major issues within the company.

All of these make employee engagement assessment a necessity among businesses who outsource their customer service. Here are the five factors that you must assess to accurately measure employee satisfaction.


1.     Time spent with colleagues


Whether inside or outside the office, the time employees spend with their colleagues can enhance their engagement level. Within the workplace, employees interact with other employees in many ways: team meetings, training sessions, and one-on-one communication with managers. As they meet new people within the office, especially those outside their department and in a higher position, employees gain a deeper appreciation of their role and value in the company.


2.     Relationships and connections


As an employee creates strong connections in the office, employee engagement also increases. Strong relationships are characterized by frequent and purposeful interactions within the office. Establishing camaraderie in workplaces isn’t just about having fun but creating a sense of purpose and teamwork. This is why team building activities have always been effective in encouraging employees to build friendships and have fun.


3.     Working outside office hours


One of the best indicators of employees’ dedication to their job is the amount of work they do outside the normal working hours. Working overtime or on weekends demonstrates an employee’s discretionary effort. Although this isn’t often possible for full-time call center agents who need to be in the office to work, take note of whether they regularly take on other tasks that are not usually included in their daily to-do lists.


4.     Collaboration efforts


In bilingual call centers, collaboration is the key to delivering high-quality services. It’s not always a smooth process and disagreements aren’t always avoidable. But if an employee consistently aims to contribute something significant to the team, that’s a clear sign that they care about their job and the people around them as well.


5.     Recognition


One way to increase employee engagement is to recognize a job well done and compliment your staff for their contributions. Doing so lets employees know that they’re an important member of the company. This sense of fulfillment can encourage them to stay and keep up their good performance.



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