A goal-setting guide for bilingual call centers this 2016

Much has been said about customer service planning and goal-setting. By now, you’re probably already familiar about how to formulate SMART goals that reflect your firm’s long-term vision.

However, when it comes to planning and strategizing, global businesses that offshore their customer service to bilingual call centers have special needs. For one thing, they’re working with plenty of employees, several team leaders, and a number of managers who are actually part of two different organizations. In this kind of setup, plans can easily fall apart, especially if they’re not founded on collaboration and teamwork. On top of that, the highly dynamic nature of the customer service industry can complicate the planning process.

This 2016, you can make partnerships work by increasing collaboration and making plans that resonate your vision. Here are goal-setting tips you’d find useful this year.


1.     Start from within your company.


In business, we plan because we want to succeed. However, we need to think twice about our capability to push through with these plans. Otherwise, we’re setting ourselves up to fail.

In the case of global firms and their call centers, building a smooth professional relationship is a must. You need to focus on the same set of goals and consider how your existing assets and resources can help you achieve them.

It’s important to remember, however, that customer service planning is not a managers-only project. Everyone, including your call center agents, must be included in this process if your aim is to enhance the kind of customer experience being delivered to your target market.


2.     Make the most out of your outsourcing contract.


Every now and then, you need to review your contact with your outsourcing services provider, especially if you’ve been working with them for a long time. Besides allowing you to assess whether both parties’ commitments are being fulfilled, this evaluation can reveal processes that need to be updated or revised.

Some managers tend to skip this part and settle for how customer service processes are currently being done. However, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and resolve issues you may be experiencing by referring to your outsourcing deal.


3.     Goal setting must be driven by data.


Bilingual call centers and global firms operate in an industry dominated by data. Strategies must be based on what customer experience means, as influenced by people’s changing preferences and successive tech updates. Immersing in research, gathering insights from your customers and employees, and watching out for emerging trends can get you far this year.



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