Agent performance evaluation tips for Italian call center managers

Agent performance evaluation is vital to the productivity of every call center, especially if it offers multilingual solutions to international businesses. Bilingual agents must be carefully assessed by supervisors using standard quality assurance guidelines in order for them to know which specific performance areas they may be performing poorly or excellently at.


How managers execute the evaluation process can influence the work behavior and progress of the agents. The resulting feedback of every assessment is crucial to the development of the skills of the call center workforce.

Here are some useful tips that bilingual call center managers can use when assessing the performance of their agents:

1.     Ensure that performance goals are realistic.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) must measure and compare the team’s competency level using fair and justifiable standards. Benchmarks must be attainable since setting expectations that are too high can lead to agent burnout or frustration, while setting goals that are too low can lead to underperformance.

2.     Extend observation outside announced evaluation periods.

Check on your workforce during normal operation hours and see how they perform when they are not being scored or evaluated. Casual observations are great opportunities for you to solicit insights from your agents on the things that affect their performance and productivity.

3.     Feedback must always be constructive.


Evaluations are done not for the sole purpose of providing criticisms and telling your agents what mistakes they made. Good feedback must consist of acknowledgment of positive work behaviors, not just areas that need improvement. There must also be an interactive outlining of suggested actions that your agents can later implement to improve their performance.

4.     Provide opportunities for self-evaluation.

When the motivation to improve is self-driven, progress is likely to happen sooner than later among your agents. Allow your agents to evaluate their own call recordings during coaching sessions. This allows them to identify the different factors that contributed to the resulting performance.

5.     Reward agents who excel.


Promising rewards to top performing agents can benefit your call center by motivating your team to meet or even surpass the established goals. Incentives do not necessarily have to be monetary. Sincere words of acknowledgment, together with simple tokens, can go a long way in encouraging your agents to always give their best at work.

Monitoring your agents’ performance is the first step in transforming your call center into an excellent provider of customer service. Evaluation must be done carefully and strategically so that you can give your agents comprehensive and useful feedback.



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