Conquer new markets through the neighborhood business approach

Have you ever witnessed a micro business trump mega entrepreneurs not just in sales but in the level of loyalty the small-time seller has over its customers? If you live in a small town, this scenario is probably nothing new to you, but it could still serve as an ideal example of how your multilingual call center should approach customer service.

Home-grown micro-businesses tend to succeed in small towns where everyone is essentially neighbors who know each other and have been living in that place for years. Relationships tend to be close-knit, so businesses are able to cultivate loyalty within their market of customers they personally know.

If you’re a business aiming to enter a new market, particularly one composing of people who highly value loyalty like the Italians, you could learn many things from how small community businesses approach their local patrons.


•     Community participation


Community entrepreneurs owe their success to the deep knowledge about the market they serve. Since they interact with their customers daily even outside business transactions, they don’t have to conduct studies and comprehensive surveys just to know their customers. All they have to do is get involved in local events where regulars also participate.

From event marketing to occasion-based offers and holiday-themed promos, you can build a stronger connection by making your presence felt and sculpting your service according to location-specific demands.


•     Knowing your niche


Community businesses have a chance against giant stores if they stick to what they do best instead of battling goliaths head-on. It may be hard to top a mall’s pre-packaged, mass produced goods, so better keep on providing customized products that your community has grown to love in order to maintain your lead.

Your call center can apply this by only carrying out the services that matter most. Pinpoint the services or communications channels that your customers truly need and prefer. Opt for customizable outsourcing solutions rather than availing service packages that include tasks and processes that you don’t really need.


•     Taking care of your employees


Small companies tend to have tighter relationships with their workforce, especially neighborhood entrepreneurs who belong in the same community as the people who work for them and even those who buy from their shops. This means that their employees are their greatest word-of-mouth marketers who can share good—and most especially bad—word about how their employers take care of them.

Whether you’re a call center or a small business, however, you should be able to provide pleasant working conditions to your people. Not only are they the ones who make the machineries move, their contentment also has a direct impact on the quality of service your brand gives.


With every company striving to attain a global brand status, you should not forget what can truly plant your business name in any soil you set foot on. By knowing your customers, your niche, and your employees’ needs, you build not just a positive image for your brand but also a strong relationship with your audience and workforce.



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