Features to look for in your Italian call center’s outsourcing packages

If you’re aiming to penetrate the European market, you may want to acquire customer support solutions delivered in the Italian language. With over 60 million speakers, it’s the official language in several locations, including Italy and Switzerland. It’s also spoken in some parts of France, Vatican City, and in many American communities.

There are plenty of multilingual call centers that provide Italian customer service. You can start searching for a prospective vendor in top outsourcing locations like the Philippines. The tricky part, however, is choosing the right call center that can meet your expectations. If it’s your first time to work with an external provider, you’d need to consider a lot of factors so you can maximize your spending.

To help you make a smart decision, here are the three features you should look for as you choose the outsourcing package that fits your business’ needs.


1.     Scalability

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A scalable outsourcing project can help you make the most out of the money you spend for customer support. Ideally, your prospective provider should let you scale your outsourced project up or down. For instance, some vendors let you resize your offshore team from time to time, depending on your workforce requirements. This way, you can prepare for call surges or minimize expenses during idle periods.

With scalable service packages, you can also:

• increase or decrease the amount of work you hand over to your vendor
• add or subtract customer service languages
• avail other services being offered by your provider

Multilingual call centers that offer scalable outsourcing solutions can grow alongside your organization and easily adapt to your changing needs.


2.     Customizability

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Of course, you want your customer support strategy to reflect your brand’s identity and values. You can achieve this by seeking customizable outsourcing packages.

Upon finding a potential vendor, be sure to clarify if they can adhere to your standards. For example, they must be able to execute your outsourced services using a tone of voice that’s consistent to your brand’s personality.

You may also want to specify skill qualifications among new hires and the screening procedures applicants must go through. This would let you ensure that only the most talented professionals are handling your offshore tasks.

Others go as far as instructing their providers to maintain a certain type of work environment. They thus specify office design and the facilities that must be available to employees. These considerations can help boost employee engagement and productivity.


3.     Flexibility of contract terms

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Outsourcing is a risky venture, but if you can make it work for your business, it can help you expand your reach and penetrate diverse sectors such as the European market. To minimize the risks involved in offshoring, be sure to study your outsourcing contract in detail. It must be flexible enough to allow you to re-calibrate your customer support program as necessary.

Also, look for an exit clause. This is important in case your provider violates terms or policies you’ve previously agreed upon. However, make sure to stick to your contract terms in order to build a good professional relationship with your provider.



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