Gain customer insights from your frontline employees

When it comes to capturing the Italian market, your bilingual call center acts to bridge the gaps and build strong connections. Because they can fluently converse with Italian customers, you do not need to worry about miscommunication. But is this enough to truly understand your customers?

Getting to know your demographic is a long process. Once you have partnered with an Italian-speaking call center, the next step is to gather customer insights. Naturally, your go-to source should be the customers themselves. But since you do not interact with them on a daily basis, the more plausible option is to gather insights from your brand representatives.

Call center agents are your frontline employees.

male female smiling call center agent standing by teal wall

Your bilingual agents are the ones who directly talk to your Italian customers on a regular basis. This constant exposure familiarizes them to the market’s characteristics and their existing practices. Serving as the face of your business, they represent your entire enterprise. Everything they say reflects upon your identity as a brand. And when customers talk to them to raise their concerns or queries, their impression is that they’re talking to the brand itself.

As a manager, it is important to invest in your employees’ well-being. They play a crucial role in the growth of your business. If they are unhappy, chances are they will also have trouble making customers happy.

They have an actual view of how customers interact with the brand.

When your Italian customers contact your hotline, they will be directly connected to your call center agents. As frontline employees, they have a firsthand experience in dealing with customers. They know how the market behaves, their most common complaints, and most importantly, what people feel about your brand. For managers, there is nothing more important than learning these things.

Talking to your frontline employees to gather customer insights will provide you an unfiltered view of the customers and what drives their purchasing decisions. More than anyone in the company, bilingual agents possess the unique power to create a shared understanding between businesses and Italian customers.

Frontline employees are efficient problem solvers.

laughing bearded call center agent

Customer service associates know almost everything about the products or services your business offers. When customers raise a complex problem or ask a complicated question, it is the agent’s job to find solutions to enhance that person’s perception of your brand. As such, they have a great need to understand the company fully.

If you need insights to improve your bilingual call center services, it is best to listen to what your frontline employees have to say. After all, they are the ones who carry your brand name every time they interact with customers. This constant exposure makes them a legitimate and reliable source of customer insights that would drive your marketing strategies.



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