Italian Call Center launches official website


With the goal of providing a comprehensive platform where prospective clients can learn more about our outsourcing services, we at Italian Call Center are pleased to announce the debut of our official corporate website. Through the new online portal, you can now learn more about us and, hopefully, reach out to us with just a few clicks.


With headquarters in San Carlos, California and a satellite operations site in the Makati City, Philippines, Italian Call Center is an outsourcing firm that specializes in providing global companies with bilingual voice and non-voice services.

Launched as a telemarketing firm in 2006, we are now the leading Italian call center in the Philippines. With our skilled customer support representatives, we are able to provide high quality customer service and technical support offerings, helping businesses connect to their Italian customer base better and build a strong foothold in the European market.

We also intend to make our corporate website a resource portal, featuring the latest news and trends in the Italian call center outsourcing industry. We will also produce management and quality assurance guides and blog entries to help Italian call center managers in handling their companies’ operations.

Interested job applicants can also visit our site to learn more about the different career opportunities that we offer. Italian Call Center puts premium in selecting call center agents based on language skills, experience, work attitude, and expertise. We prefer native speakers of the Italian language, but those using it as a second language may also apply.


Italian Call Center takes pride in the roster of topnotch services that we offer. With an experienced management team and a pool of highly proficient Italian call center agents, we guarantee our clients access to business solutions that can meet the highest international standards.

By outsourcing to Italian Call Center, your business can now provide exceptional services to your Italian customer base, be it through phone, e-mail, or live chat.



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