Why outsource Italian call center services to the Philippines

The main reason why international businesses outsource bilingual customer services to call centers is because they want to improve the communication channels they provide to their customers. When reaching out to a company, customers would always want to express their concerns in their native tongue. Language barriers can potentially lead customers to turn away from their brand.

This is why, if you own a business that caters to Italian-speaking customers and you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must make use of modern customer service strategies that can impress your customers. Outsourcing to an Italian call center in the Philippines is one of these. Here are some reasons why outsourcing to the country is a wise move for your business.




The cultural compatibility of Filipinos with almost any foreign culture is one of the many strengths of Philippine call centers. Hospitality remains to be a classic value upheld by the Filipino people. As a result, call centers pay attention to soft skills of agents when communicating with customers. Outsourcing to the country can equip your business with a workforce that is dedicated in satisfying customers.

Italian call center agents in the country are also required to undergo language and cultural training sessions. This enables agents, especially those who speak Italian as a secondary language, to perfectly understand the context of the inquiries raised by the customers. Cultural knowledge is also always part of the recruitment standards. Because of the attention given to cultural competence, bilingual call center agents in the country get to interact effectively with international customers.



There are many European and North American companies outsourcing to the Philippines because of its strategic geographical location. Italian call centers in the country take advantage of time zone differences to make sure that the call center agents’ schedules either coincide with the office hours of the client or deliver 24/7 customer support.

Moreover, because the Philippines is a low-cost region, outsourcing clients can expect reduction in operational and labor costs. Italian call centers in the country can also offer world-class technologies and resources at affordable prices.




Since the Philippines is a multinational hub, it’s easy for call centers to gather native Italian speakers and train them to become effective customer service representatives. There are also many language learning centers in the country where locals can study the Italian language.

Italian call centers in the Philippines follow stringent recruitment and training measures to make sure that their clients end up having a strong workforce. Skills development courses are given to agents regularly to make sure that they become better in interacting with customers. Quality assurance measures, such as live call monitoring and coaching, are also done to guarantee that your Italian call centers are in their best shape.

Partnering with the right Italian call center that can provide solutions to your business needs is what you need to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are many call centers in the Philippines that offer quality bilingual customer support services using the Italian language. Upgrading your customer service by outsourcing to these Philippine-based Italian call centers can help you to widen your diverse customer base.



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