Raising customer satisfaction in the Italian market


Italian consumers are careful spenders, making sure that they get the best value out of every purchase. This doesn’t only mean creating products and services that can attract them, but also providing excellent customer service that can assist them 24/7.

In a report by Euromonitor International, it reveals that most Italians are now turning to their smartphones and spending a significant amount of time online. In order to keep up with their clients, businesses must consider having a dedicated team to be on standby for customer support anytime and anywhere. To ensure that your team yields optimum customer satisfaction, you must meet the following expectations of your Italian-speaking market:


1.     Availability via multiple channels


Customers want options when it comes to the communication channels they can use to get in touch with your company. While some people still prefer making traditional voice calls to a company’s customer care hotlines, others prefer social media to voice out their concerns. For their convenience, it is important to provide both voice and non-voice options they can choose from to solve their issues immediately.


2.     Timely service


Technical issues and concerns can happen anytime, and you really can’t expect your customers to wait for business hours to start just so they can give your customer service representatives a call. Having a group of people available 24/7 to respond to your market’s needs shows that your business is customer-centric. Since Italian-speaking customers are located in different time zones around the world, this round-the-clock support is especially crucial.


3.     Multilingual options


With English being the universal language, it’s common for businesses to use English language to engage with local and international customers. The inability to offer your services in Italian (or any other major languages) can spell failure for your business. If your company has a global presence, partnering with an Italian call center will be your way of ensuring customer satisfaction and forging a solid relationship with your market.


4.     Self-service solutions


Giving your customers easier ways to resolve their own problems can help them and your agents save time. By providing an FAQ section on your website or perhaps a tech support app, customers can easily find the answers to their concerns and resolve them by themselves. This also helps lower call queues, letting your agents focus more on callers with complex issues.


5.     Friendly customer service representatives


Effective customer care representatives should not only be knowledgeable and equipped with customer service skills; they must also be friendly. This means being a good listener and being sympathetic to your customer’s needs. Complaints and technical support conversation can run smoothly when customers are assisted by friendly agents. Their generally pleasant tone can set the mood of the person on the other end of the line, encouraging them to fully express themselves and communicate their concerns better.


Meeting your consumers’ expectations heavily influences your relationship with your customers no matter where they are in the world, Italian-speaking or otherwise. The ensuing positive experience easily affects brand perception, yielding customer loyalty and referrals.



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