Should you start rethinking your call center strategy?

To make sure that your call center can cope with the rapid changes in a fast-paced industry, you need to make sure that your offshoring partner is capable of enhancing its work processes regularly. The improvements that a contact center must implement include updating customer support services, adding new communication channels, and boosting the system infrastructure. For many outsourcing companies, these upgrades translate to significant organizational growth.

If your offshoring partner falls short of delivering high-quality customer service, it may be time to start rethinking your outsourcing approach. But what signs should you look for to determine the best time to make process revisions?

The following are indications that you need to rethink your outsourcing approach and some suggestions on how to improve your contact center’s service delivery.


1.     The IT infrastructure encounters several issues.

problematic IT manager looking at server wires making phone call holing tablet

As a business manager, it’s likely that you will not experience these issues firsthand, but you will surely observe IT infrastructure glitches through call center performance reports. If you notice that some IT-related gaps are hindering the company’s execution of customer support services, it may indeed be time to recommend some upgrades to their system.


2.     You receive recurring complaints from customers.

surprised customer service agent speaking to customer over the phone

An indication of good customer service is first contact resolution. If agents can handle customer issues at the first time they have been encountered, this would reduce the number of calls that you receive. Consequently, it would also minimize customer complaints. However, one of the unhealthy signs of poor customer service is a recurring issue. Essentially, this means that you are implementing ineffective solutions to clients’ common problems.


3.     Your customer service is delivered through one channel only.

alone isolated confused call center agent pointing to self

Because various gadgets are becoming more and more common nowadays, your call center must be present across different customer support services channels. Whether through web chat, phone call, or email, the best outsourcing companies ensure that they can provide an efficient communication platform for customers.


4.     Your team’s performance is dropping.

worried business team

Your employees are at the forefront of your brand’s customer support. They are the ones directly engaging with customers and actively solving the issues they are experiencing. Among the factors that can hinder them from doing a good job are lack of motivation, poor team dynamics, and an unhealthy office environment. Make sure that your bilingual call center can provide an enabling atmosphere that would encourage everyone to actively contribute to the organization.


Your customer service strategy serves as the framework of how your brand handles customer issues and complaints. Together with your call center, you must ensure that your approach complements your clients’ preferences and special needs. Do not hesitate to make recommendations on how your outsourcing partner can improve service delivery once you have observed the tell-tale signs detailed above.



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