What should brands do to capture the international market?

For growth-focused entrepreneurs, capturing the international market is the ultimate dream. Limiting one’s brand to a single country is no longer an option, especially with today’s technology. It’s now easy for brands to reach foreign sectors and tap emerging markets. What’s challenging, however, is building long-lasting customer relationships.

That’s why the mantra “Think globally, act locally” rose as a popular business strategy. Also known as glocalization, this kind of thinking allows brands to implement marketing strategies that target specific sectors.

One of the ways you can get started is to outsource your customer service and other functions to a reliable provider. Considered a cost-cutting solution in its early stages, outsourcing is now being viewed as a way to expand a brand’s business options.

For optimum results, the provider you choose must be an expert in intercultural communication. A bilingual or multilingual call center would therefore be one of the best business partners you can have. Here’s how outsourcing can help support your global marketing plans.


1.     Focus on your core competence.


Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of diversifying too early, but successful brands know that you must first be an expert in one main business aspect and expand from there. Before you can widen your array of products and services, you must make the necessary arrangements first.

Having a call center that takes care of your customer support needs can be extremely beneficial for growth. They can lift a heavy load off your shoulders, allowing you to devote most of your efforts to what you do best.


2.     Foster relationships with a foreign business partner.


Handing over your customer service and other processes to an offshore company isn’t just a way to lessen your workload. It will also let you establish a presence in that particular country, which then strengthens your international links.

That’s why the provider you’ll choose must also be well-connected. They can introduce you to other companies and influencers in their region who can eventually be your business partners.


3.     Bridge language gaps and communicate better with customers.


To capture the international market, brands must be able to communicate with diverse customer sectors clearly and effectively. However, in such cases, language and cultural differences are often the main barriers. But by partnering with a multilingual call center, you can address both issues. This will allow you to penetrate countries with unique cultural and communication practices.


4.     Have a solid customer support strategy.


Good customer service is perhaps the most important business strategy you can ever implement. People stick to brands that give them the treatment they deserve, and you need this kind of loyalty if you truly want to succeed internationally.

To make this possible, you need to coordinate with your outsourcing provider. Although they’re the expert in forming customer relationships, you need to make sure that they can help you establish your company’s branding.



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