Where can you find bilingual call center agents?

In today’s diverse marketplace, you’ll be at the tail end of the competition if you speak just one language. Your impaired ability to connect with certain consumer sectors will hinder you from maximizing your business opportunities. Multilingualism, on the other hand, would let you tap multicultural market segments, instantly widening your reach and letting you form lasting customer relationships.

Finding qualified customer support reps who can speak the language you need, however, can be quite challenging. The recruitment process can be more complex than your HR team’s usual strategy. There are extra steps involved, such as online interviews and document processing. Background checking may also prove to be more difficult since the applicant may be residing in a foreign country.

To make the recruitment part easier for you, we compiled some tips below on where you can find bilingual call center agents.


1.     Choose multilingual areas.

culturally diverse young friends sitting by office building

You can easily hire multilingual or bilingual contact center reps if you partner with an outsourcing provider. The Philippines is one of the most viable hubs for multilingual services, as it’s home to plenty of expatriates. These professionals often fly to the country to study English or to carve out a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you want to build an in-house customer support team, your best bet is to find qualified candidates in multilingual areas. Aside from giving you access to a variety of languages, residents in these areas are naturally flexible and culturally sensitive as they encounter people of different backgrounds daily.


2.     Tap language schools.

young people in classroom

Partnering with language institutions can be advantageous for your company, the school, and also its graduates. The partnership can ensure you that your new hires are highly proficient in the language you need. At the same time, you’re also providing them a great career opportunity, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


3.     Partner with translation companies.

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You can get referrals from companies that offer translation, dubbing, or interpreting services in your area. Usually, these firms work with freelancers, so there’s no harm in asking them for recommendations, but be sure to verify this before contacting them. Once you find translators who are interested in pursuing a career in customer support, you may offer them a part-time or full-time position depending on their availability.


4.     Go online.

woman using laptop doing job search

Plenty of online job portals are built specially for expatriates seeking employment. All you have to do is post your own job ad or join message boards so you can reach out to them. You may ask them to send their resumes or take an online test so you assess them immediately. If they’re qualified, you can then invite them to your office for the next steps in the recruitment process.



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